Top 5 free 3 models downloading websites

What are some free source to download 3d models ?

There are several free resources available for obtaining 3D models for use in 3D printing, animation, or other applications. Here are some of the most popular:

  1. Thingiverse: This is a large online repository of 3D printable models that can be downloaded for free. It includes everything from toys and figurines to replacement parts for household items.
  2. MyMiniFactory: This website offers a selection of curated 3D printable models, with a focus on high-quality designs. It also features a community section where users can share their designs and collaborate on projects.
  3. Sketchfab: This platform allows users to browse and download 3D models created by a community of designers and artists. While some models are available for free, others require a paid license for commercial use.
  4. TurboSquid: This site offers a vast library of 3D models for use in animation, gaming, and other applications. While many models require a paid license, there are also several free models available for download.
  5. CGTrader: This is a marketplace for 3D models, where designers can sell their creations to other users. However, there are also several free models available for download.

When it comes to making money with 3D models, there are several options. One is to sell 3D printed items on platforms such as Etsy or eBay. Another is to sell 3D models on websites such as TurboSquid or CGTrader. Additionally, designers can offer their services for 3D modeling or printing to individuals or businesses in need of custom designs.