Will ai take over humanity

Google is frequently questioned about : will ai take jobs away from humans ? , will ai take over jobs of doctors ? , will ai cut down 90% of employees ?

Ai or Artificial intelligence is a growing tremendously after the launch of chat GPT by Openai , Openai was the previously owned by elonmusk and now its under the control of microsoft . Infact its under Billgates control . Bill gates have invested more than $10 Billion US dollars to improve the Chat GPT and openai . Its completely new to the generation where search engines are going to be replaced by AI chatbots .

After the launch of Chat GPT , Pre-trained virtual chatting assistant , google is frustrated about the tasks with Bard . The twitter bagged elon musk pre-owned company is now a part of microsoft .

Even microsoft owns Bing – search engine still only 10 Million users use it and almost 4billion users are using google .

Bing is not in par with googles search engine as it have been a very simple features than google .

Now coming to the statement , ” will ai replace humans in all aspects ” There is a big no as an answer for this question !

even there are thousands of blogs and thousands of creators shoutout ai will cut down millions of jobs , its no !

Why ?

Here is our analyst answer to the question , even there is ai , which can perform well than man power , they will be still under the control of humans , which they are just tools for the comptetive world .